zeichenzirkel-logoWe are a small group of enthusiasts meeting once a week for life drawing.  We are a non-tutored community class.  Our sessions are organized by regular participants on a not-for-profit basis.

Everybody is very welcome to join in the drawing sessions.  New models are always welcome as well!

Time and Location: Wednesday evening, 7pm-9pm, Mühlstrasse 14 e.V., Mühlstr. 14, 04317 Leipzig / Reudnitz. We draw in the hall in the upper floor on the right.

This a drop-in class so no prior registration is needed – but please arrive in time before class starts!

Suggested donation for life model and for renting the room:   4-5 EUR per session and person.

For further information please refer to: http://www.muehlstrasse.de/zeichnen.html